Banking IT solutions: Performance through Innovation

In today fast paced landscape key business forces are influencing the dynamism of the consumerӳ needs altering how financial institutions operate. Financial enterprises need to be at the forefront to enable high performance in the industry. With increased Regulatory Reforms, the pressure on revenues, profits and margins may alter the institutionsҠcore business models.

Technology solutions from ATSS will help transform Financial Institutions and provide critical insights towards adding new forms of consumer-friendly products, channels of delivery, accessibility of services and competitive pricing. Built on four core competencies - Domain, Process, Technology and Innovation; we help establish significant business benefits like risk mitigation, time to market and total cost of ownership

Industry Services

RTB Fun The Bank- Application Support and Maintenance

ATSS has created a customized Support Framework for financial institutions that not only enables knowledge transition but also helps move into steady state quickly and achieve efficiencies and productivity gains year on year


Test assets for the retail and private banking domain to help reduce time to market and expedite the roll-out of new features and functionalities to end-customers.

Infrastructure Management

Optimize, secure, manage and support your mission-critical infrastructure to minimize downtime and establish continuous connectivity for smooth business operations.

Industry Solutions

Credit Card Analytics

A specialized solution built in-house for financial institutions catering to the credit card business, that helps transform data to actionable insights.

Mobility Solutions

Provide your end-customers with the ability to access real time information on the move, with solutions across Asset Management and Retail Banking.

Test Maturity Framework

A framework developed by ATSS to help financial institutions reduce time-to-market and ensure end-to-end coverage of functionality in the testing application phase.

Investment Banking

Investment Banks across the world are under tremendous regulatory pressure and have seen a constant decline in commission income. Trade volumes have declined and such an environment demands technology systems to deliver more with less. While it is important to continue The-Bank operations, it is also important to focus on ҃The-Bank initiatives to drive operational efficiencies and cost benefits.

At ATSS, we provide you an Investment Banking Solution which can be tailored to the needs of your business. We provide service and solution offerings across Front, Middle and Back Office. Our services for Front Office include development and support of Trading, Exchange Connectivity, Client On-boarding and Market Data Applications. Services for Middle Office include support for Risk Applications, Reference Data Systems and Regulatory and Statutory Reporting Systems. Services for Back Office cover development and support of Post Trade Support, Trade Accounting, Reconciliation and Reporting Applications.

Key Capabilities:
Brokerage and Investment Banking

Services across the entire value chain, that ranges across Front Office, Middle Office Back Office and Exchange Operations

Custodial Services

End-to-end core custody system which allows the automation of - position-keeping and reporting, calculation of service fees, generation of custody statements and adjustments for corporate actions.

ATSS Investment Banking
  • Flexibility to trade on a wide array of instruments and currencies
  • Access to re-usable components like Reconciliation engine, Fee-engine, Security Framework and others
  • Ability to handle higher transaction volumes by leveraging advanced technologies

ATSS Treasury Solution
  • Powerful integrated framework can help minimize operations cost
  • Limit monitoring and real-time risk management enables better decision making
  • Enhanced operational efficiency through STP

Private Banking

Competition, regulatory pressures, changing customer demographics, declining fee income and net interest margins are typical challenges faced by banks globally. To overcome these challenges banks need to leverage core banking systems to achieve growth, through efficiencies and differentiators. While a transition to contemporary core banking solutions can help banks leap miles ahead of competition, if not managed properly the same transition can create problems and directly impact business.

ATSS ҃are Banking Eexpertise helps banks successfully transform their technology landscape and achieve operational efficiencies. Many of our customers have leveraged our lending expertise which includes Credit Decision System, Collections Management and Risk Management to successfully bring down both bad debts and late collections. Our CRM services have helped banks understand consumer behavior and also increase revenues through cross-selling.

Key Capabilities
Core Banking

a set of core customized banking applications that have been integrated onto a single platform to enable a phased and strategic approach.


Enhance operational efficiency, interface with external and internal systems and forecast defaults with comprehensive solutions that can improve processes and give actionable information.

Risk Management

Adapt an Integrated Risk Management approach encompassing credit, market, operational and balance sheet risk, underlying data-marts, business intelligence and testing services.


Build and maintain applications for rewards and cash backs while maintaining a strong focus on risk and fraud management.

Customer Relationship Management

Attract and retain customers, increase their top-line and improve brand equity by staging marketing campaigns, managing the targets funnel and gain intelligence on customer preferences and market insights.

Business Value:
Core Banking
  • Best fit solution to suit the customer environment
  • Independent testing ensures җhat is deliveredҠis җhat is neededҼ/li>
  • Future proof solution to stay ahead of competition
  • Flexible, modular open source products reduces implementation time
  • Hosted offerings results in huge cost savings
  • Excellent domain expertise, ISO quality framework and reduced transition cycles provides value adds beyond cost arbitrage
Risk Management
  • Domain expertise across Credit, Market and Operational Risk
  • Proven expertise in creating risk data marts and warehouses for large banks
  • Excellent understanding of a number of credit rating models
Customer Relationship Management
  • Enable creation a single view of customer
  • Deriver key statistics regarding consumer behavior
  • Enable cross-selling of products

Asset Management

In the increasingly competitive landscape of financial services, it is essential for financial institutions to focus on new imperatives of business like rapid product innovation, increasing profitability and assets under management, enhanced customer satisfaction, cost efficiencies and operational excellence, regulatory compliance and effective risk management.

With a range of services and deep domain expertise, we help transform organizations to meet new business imperatives. By leveraging technology and focusing on your core business competency, the teams at ATSS help bring in significant increments in business performance. ATSS's specialized solutions assist Asset Managers in optimizing processes to help rebuild their Return on Equity and stay ahead of competition.

Key Capabilities:
Fund Processing

Fund operations like Subscription or Redemption, Switch or Transfer to a new Fund, and Income distribution from Fund.

Fund Accounting

Capture Bank Statements, Post Debit/Credit entries and Reconcile Bank statements.

Fund Reporting

The generation of reports such as Portfolio Performance Statements, Tax Statements, Commission and Transaction Statements.

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