Customizable Retail IT Solutions: Get ready for the new normal

The retail industry is at an inflection point, both from a business model and customer engagement perspective. Retailers around the world now realize that sustainable competitive advantage will be gained only by a deep understanding of consumer demands and comprehensive supply chain planning and execution workflows.

Delivering a truly seamless customer experience requires a retailer's presence at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery through research, purchase, fulfillment and beyond, to product maintenance or returns.

Distribution strategy and value chain dynamics are becoming integrated with existing capabilities to drive business growth. By enabling the most trustworthy, efficient, and effective processes, we help retailers achieve higher service levels while reducing costs, thereby growing customer loyalty and brand strength.


Apparel, Fashion and Accessories

Create differentiator in a mature and intensely competitive market with increasingly diverse and well-informed customers.

Lifestyle Segment

Create flexible, adaptable, customer focused experience across all channels.

Grocery and Food

Meet changing consumer preferences and unique merchandise with consistent quality.

Home Furnishing

Amid increased competition and complex supply chains, meet changing consumer demands and also provides the customer service agents with a unified view to manage sales order, delivery and after sales service in a seamless manner.

Industry Services

Cloud, Social Media and Mobility Services

Scale your retail organization by enabling a 360 degree view of your customers with tools and services for E-Commerce, Mobility, Supply Chain, Commerce on the Cloud and Optimizing Returns from Social Networks.

Insight and Collaboration Drivers

Gain a fresh approach to retail analytics by combining Predictive Analytics, Multi-Channel Analytics, Planning and Optimization, to deliver in-store insight and collaboration tools such as CMO Workbench.

Outsourcing and Optimisation

Support innovation, respond to changing market conditions, enhance customer service, and increase sales while controlling costs with Total Outsourcing across Applications, Infrastructure and Business Processes with the option of a Shared Services Model.

Enterprise Architecture and Re-architecture

Adopt an efficient and effective Enterprise IT system that is scalable, connected and highly responsive. We provide services and solutions across Enterprise Architecture, Implementation, Development, Integration, Enhancement, Testing and Infrastructure Support across Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Google.

Start Up and Rollout

Services built for retailers that are at the inception of rolling out operations into new territories. Services across Points of Sale and Store Operations are built and served based on global and local requirements and in line with the retailer's strategic objectives

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