For decades, revenues from voice services powered the telecommunications industry. But today, the industry is experiencing a profound transformation with voice revenues in a steep decline and revenues from data and value-added services on the rise. Transformation requirements have been accelerated by technology innovations that are fundamentally changing the way telecom services are packaged and delivered.

These industry changes have created numerous opportunities for vendors in the telecom ecosystem. Vendors who are agile and can keep pace with telecom market requirements in a digital world will be able to grow revenues and profits.

Equipment vendors in the telecom industry require experienced partners who can help foster product innovation and create Digital Highways which will power tomorrow’s telecom networks. Partnerships not only help expand to new markets, they accelerate time to market and reduce operational expenses – they can also enhance competitive differentiation enabling our clients to do business better in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

ATSS’s positioning

Over the last two decades, ATSS has established itself as the global leader in product engineering, R&D, IT and BPO services in the telecom equipment vendor market. ATSS’s services portfolio includes system engineering, software and hardware design, development, verification and validation services, product re-engineering and product support services.

Our Vision

  • Building product domain knowledge
  • Developing competency centers of excellence
  • Providing the best work environment and career management for individuals who are passionate about this industry

Solutions for Telecom Service Providers

Today, pressure from emerging technologies and over-the-top (OTT) players is transforming telecom service providers from carriers of voice and data into the role of service-enablers. ATSS helps service providers achieve operational efficiency, reduce service rollout time, propel innovation and achieve business and operational objectives. We leverage our business knowledge and in-depth expertise across the various lines of technology, thereby providing you with the most innovative solutions.

Client Challenges

  • Competing with OTT Players
  • Avoiding the commoditization of services
  • Deploying faster time-to-market initiatives
  • Keeping pace with disruptive technologies
  • Delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience

What ATSS provides

ATSS, with decades of proven experience in the telecom industry, helps you redefine your markets with innovative solutions to become more agile, reduce fixed operations costs and introduce next generation services.

Our offerings, aligned to your needs, address the challenges of the transformation programs both in network systems and business domains and help you manage and implement them with the lowest risk to derive enhanced ROIs.

Our key offerings include the following:

  • OSS / BSS solutions
  • Business consulting
  • IT / Infrastructure services
  • BPO solutions
  • Hosted solutions
  • Outsourcing / Managed services
  • Integrated IPTV solutions
  • Mobile value-added services and service delivery platform

Business value

We partner with you to build and implement innovative strategies and solutions to achieve the following:

  • Improved operational and cost efficiencies
  • Rapid time-to-market to roll out new and innovative services
  • Improved processes and infrastructure
  • Reduced costs of product development and support
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, thereby generating an increase in customer loyalty
  • Improved quality of services
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