Business Intelligence

ATSS is a premier Business Intelligence (BI) solution provider specializing in data warehousing, data preparation (cleansing, profiling, and ETL), and analytics solution development. We deliver high-quality and high-impact solutions fast and at extremely competitive prices.

We have proven expertise in architecting and implementing end-to-end Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data warehousing solutions.

Specifically, we provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in

  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • User Needs Assessments
  • Technology Evaluation

Business Intelligence Solutions provides you and your company with a team of seasoned experts, each with more than 15 years of hands-on, multi-industry and regulatory experience.

  • Assess and respond to regulatory issues and understand the legal and business ramifications of complying/not complying within specified time frames,
  • Deploy technology and develop critical relationships with technology partners so you can keep pace with competitors and ever-changing regulations,
  • Develop new workflows and redesign existing business processes so you can improve your competitive stance, enhance customer service, or bring a new product or service to market.

ATSS Business Intelligence (BI) services include:

  • Data Integration and Management
  • ETL including multi-source complex transformation
  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) Design
  • Data Integration, Data filtering and cleansing
  • Business Intelligence Application Design
  • Business Forecasting for Finances and Operations
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • Mobile Business Analytics Solutions (iPad, Android)
  • Cloud-based Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Analytics (OLAP, Mining) Development
  • Data Modeling (ODS, Marts, EDW, Industry Models, etc.)
  • Metadata Development
  • Business Analytics Dashboards

Our Approach

To create a roadmap for delivering our services, we utilize a fundamental, five-phase process that ensures a thoughtful, disciplined approach to the work. This proven methodology is straight-forward and can be adapted to fit your firm”≥ particular needs, ranging from engaging us for a singular purpose (for example, endor Selection to a project encompassing all five phases.

Phase 1: Assessment & Gap Analysis

Identify internal stakeholders, reasons prompting the need for change, and assess business processes, technology, and current organizational issues.

Phase 2: Vision & Recommendations

Identify key elements of the project, including program scope, overall vision, and recommendations

Phase 3: Decision-Making

Consider options, prioritize items, select vendors and technology, and determine overall program requirements and approaches.

Phase 4: Implementation & Execution

Implement and execute the overall strategy.

Phase 5: Program Follow-Through & Fine Tuning

Assess effectiveness of the plan and implementation; fine-tune as needed.

Why ATSS ?

BI Innovations: Save up to 40% of effort on your DW / BI deployment with absolute focus on quality with our patent pending IP.

Actionable Intelligence: Optimize the returns on your Business intelligence & Analytics investment by identifying opportunities to build operational efficiencies.

Predictive Analytics: Create a 360 degree customer view to predict the business outcomes Enable smarter decision making

Global delivery and sourcing: Maximize you return on investment by outsourcing and off-shoring. Leverage our extensive experience in managing large IT applications from our ODC.

Strong Strategic Alliances: Leverage our key strategic alliances with all the leading vendors in Business Intelligence space enabling you to choose best solution for your enterprise.

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