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Aspire Cloud is the all-in-one cloud platform that delivers high-performance, secure, reliable and scalable cloud solutions for all workloads—from mission critical business applications to dev/test.

Infrastructure: Virtual private cloud servers for scale and flexibility, along with the unique security, performance, and management capabilities companies require in their own data centers.

Cloud Management: The Aspire Cloud Control Portal allows you to automate daily server admin functions and expert-intensive processes, freeing up IT staff, and covering the human costs of cloud.

Platform as a Service: Support the transformation to agile development and DevOps with our enterprise-grade services fabric based on Cloud Foundry and Iron Foundry

Managed Services: With just a few clicks, launch powerful, self-service managed services provisioned together with cloud pay-as-you-go consumption so you can focus on your most strategic initiatives. Our expert managed services team monitors and maintains applications 24x7. Whether you're looking to offload a few virtual machines, create new applications, or migrate legacy workloads, Aspire Cloud infrastructure and advanced management tools offer you an enterprise-ready path to the cloud. Built on VMware vSphere 5 technology, Aspire Cloud delivers:

Enterprise-Level Security: Your data is protected by our “defense in depth” security model—satisfying the most rigorous enterprise security standards without costly add-ons.

High Performance: Our cloud architecture is optimized across the stack for high performance—from premium hardware to custom performance enhancing technologies.

Your IT infrastructure needs to keep expanding as your business scales up. But buying servers, installing, monitoring and managing them can be quite a challenge. It’s an expensive exercise, especially with obsolescence right up ahead. And when your business goes throw a lean period, all that powerful, expensive compute power sits idle. Isn’t there a better, more cost effective way to run this show?

Yes, there is. With Progression’s Managed Enterprise Cloud Servers, you can add as many best-in-class servers as your business needs, right at the time you need it. No headaches of Capex, waiting time for procurement, or installation and management. Also, with our managed cloud hosting solutions, your data would be safer in our fully secured Enterprise Cloud Servers.

  • World-class hardware and software: Progression partners with HP, VMware, Oracle, Cisco and Microsoft to deliver the best of cloud server technologies.
  • State of the art NOC: Proactive monitoring and management of your hardware and network services through Progression’s network operations center. This ensures that your business critical applications never go down.
  • Highly secure: Housed in a Tier3+ data center that is ISO 27001 certified, we deploy the best technologies and equipment to maintain a secure environment for each customer.
  • Continuous backups: There’s no data loss, ever.
  • 24×7: Tech support and information availability.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Uptime is the need of every business. If any business critical application becomes unavailable for a few hours, it has the potential to wreak havoc on the bottom line. It could be something small as a patch for the ERP going horribly wrong, or something critical as a key server going bust, or something terrible like a natural calamity or a terror attack. But the show must go on. How? How do you do your Business Continuity Planning? In fact for many manufacturing companies, disaster recovery readiness is rapidly emerging as a key parameter in being chosen by their clients. Progression offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) which makes sure that your IT infrastructure faces zero downtime in case of any kind of disaster, natural or man made. We offer a fully managed DR service on the cloud, enabling you to rest easy that business will continue as usual. Among the key technologies we use for disaster recovery solutions are VMware Site Recovery Manager, Oracle Data Guard and HP Serviceguard. Progression studies the IT infrastructure setup in companies, and architects the right DR plan for them depending on the OS environment, and physical and virtual requirements. This could involve use of products or tools other than those mentioned above.

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Private Cloud

Today, enterprises are under continuous pressure to place agility at the centre of all their business-related activities, and to minimize the time-to-market for their services and products

There is no doubt that cloud can change the face of IT in your organization, and offer significant advantages in terms of low capital expenditure and a high degree of scalability. But like any other technology, it also comes with its own set of challenges. The most significant of these are those related to security and accountability.

If your data and applications are central to your business, security and control will be most critical for you. Not going the cloud way is not the solution—if not now, then at some point in the future, your business will need to be able to leverage the speed, flexibility and lower cost of operation offered by the cloud.

So what’s the answer? If you want to be able to offer standardized services to all your employees, and if security is an important concern for you, our private cloud hosting solutions which encompass both options of Hosted Private Cloud and Private Cloud Appliance may be perfect for your business. With this model, you get all the benefits of a public cloud deployment, along with complete security and peace of mind.

Service Features

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