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Aspire Tech work with few leading vendors with URL and WebFilter solution which boost business productivity by blocking malware downloads and web threats, and enabling compliance. A key element of the URL and WebFilter solution is the next generation of web filtering, combining URL filtering and anti-malware technologies together in a collaborative defense. WebFilter is continuously updated by vendor Global Intelligence Network, which detects hidden malware and provides reputation and web content analysis based on input from our 15,000 customers and their millions of users worldwide. You can also identify and control popular web applications by setting policies through the WebFilter web application policy engine.

The Advanced Intelligence Services provide additional new services that add more flexibility and options to your web content control and security management with URL Threat Risk Levels and GEO Location.

  • Cloud-enabled real-time categorization
  • Billions of URLs, websites & web applications
  • Blocks 99.99% or threats

General Description of the Filter Solutionss

The Filter Solution is able to filter internet traffic based on URLs and based on content. The Filter Solution can filter HTTP traffic and encrypted HTTP (HTTPS) traffic. The Filter Solution is merely a filter and cannot detect viruses or malware. The Filter Solution can be extended with antivirus tools provided that the antivirus tool uses the ICAP protocol.

The Filter Solution uses various Open Source Software products and does not have backdoors or data logging to third parties. The Filter Solution uploads to the servers of URLfilterDB B.V. usage statistics and URLs which are not in the URL database for analysis.

The Filter Solution only works as intended if some firewall rules are implemented. Without the firewall rules, the URL filter can simply be circumvented so these rules are imperative. Examples of such rules are: block UDP port 80 traffic (used by Google products), block ports a few TCP ports used by Facebook app.

The application protocols that the Filter Solution cannot decrypt (non-HTTPS protocols) can be logged (IP of client and IP of server) and can be blocked by IP address.

How it Works

Together, URLfilterDB and ufdbGuard offer a unique set of features, all aimed at protecting your private network and reducing network bandwidth usage. These features include:

  • URL filtering
  • Advertisements blocking
  • HTTPS proxy tunnel protection
  • Blocking adult images produced by search engines
  • Controlling HTTPS usage

In essence, the web proxy provides a “quarantine” service for web traffic. It examines 100% of the traffic between users and HTTP/HTTPS sites, and categorizes all URLs so that malicious sites or pages can be identified and blocked while good URLs remain accessible according to policies.

Control access to millions of web sites by category, users, groups and machines with cloud-based technology that is constantly updated with new websites to support employee productivity and security policy. Block access to entire websites or just pages within, and set enforcements by time allocation or bandwidth limitations. Maintain a list of accepted and unaccepted website URLs to fine tune security policies. In today’s threat-laden world, the SWG needs to incorporate a web proxy to provide full defense against web based cybercrime, malware, and phishing.

Why? Because by specifically mandating a proxy in the SWG, you have a guarantee that all traffic is terminated at the proxy. And when all web traffic terminates at the web proxy, the proxy has the ability to scan 100 percent of the content going through the proxy and wait for an analysis result before releasing that data to the user. The proxy can also perform authentication and ensure that no traffic flows through or tunnels through to the Internet without inspection or control. Below pic shows how URL database of URLfilterDB can be used by ufdbGuard, the ufdbGuard API and the REST API.

Blocked Content Categories

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