Cyber Assurance Program

Cyber Assurance Program identifies, manages, measures and reports on IT security compliance requirements through a complete end-to-end framework of standards, processes and tools – reducing costs while ensuring quality and managing compliance.

Validating Your IT Security Health

Many enterprises today find themselves coordinating and managing too many platforms, IT technologies, domains of expertise, vendors, and regulatory and compliance reporting requirements. Cyber Assurance provides specific framework elements and deliverables tailored to meet the business requirements to manage in scope IT Security compliance objectives.

Cyber Assurance

Cyber Assurance Program benefits organizations who need to meet regulatory compliance requirements for security monitoring and reporting, and who want to proactively manage their IT security across their entire infrastructure. The service combines ATSS's proven governance tools with clearly defined and disciplined engagement roles and an innovative approach to deliver assurance that is visible, articulate, holistic and well managed. Cyber Assurance provides overarching governance of ATSS's Cybersecurity Portfolio, which provides managed security services to its customers.

Cyber Assurance provides the following:
  • Assessment of the customers security profile and controls baseline
  • Identification and gathering of metrics that measure ATSS's ongoing execution of the agreed controls
  • Reporting of metrics and trend analyses to demonstrate assurance, and proactive identification of compliance failures
  • Facilitation of remediation activities to correct control failures
  • Assistance and expert guidance in responding to security incidents
  • Strategic advice on how to fix gaps in the customers security posture
  • Insight on security threats and issues relevant to their industry sector

Whether you have already started, planning or just thinking about deploying a Cybersecurity framework, consider having ATSS as the experienced partner to help. The right partner is critical to your success. We understand, and have the know-how, vision and experience to overcome the challenges with standing up security governance solutions.

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