Oracle DR Solutions

The disaster recovery solution for Oracle SuperCluster uses replication technology of Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance for protection of middle-tier applications and components running on the cluster. Additionally, Oracle Data Guard or Oracle GoldenGate are used to provide disaster recovery for databases that are part of Oracle SuperCluster deployments. Third-party replication tools are also supported, providing integration of legacy and third-party databases and applications.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Disaster Recovery

Delivers accelerated next-generation data protection for Oracle's engineered systems and Oracle Optimized Solutions. The flexible, multi-tier architecture provides virtually unlimited scalability, centralized management, and end-to-end data protection for heterogeneous technologies.


  • Fully tested interoperability. Oracle Optimized Solutions are designed from the ground up for hardware and software integration, reducing the risk of downtime due to interoperability
  • Increased automation. Automation not only reduces the amount of time needed to failover and restart services at a secondary site and decreases the risk of human errors
  • Simplified management. Every architectural layer of Oracle Optimized Solutions can be managed through a single, centralized interface, simplifying management and increasing efficiency
  • Streamlined support. Expert support for the entire Oracle Optimized Solution, including hardware and software, is a single phone call away
  • Fast, easy deployment. With the entire hardware and software stack pre-integrated, Oracle Optimized Solutions can be deployed more quickly than custom multi-vendor solutions


  • Prevent loss of data and revenue generating access to your business
  • Minimize planned and unplanned downtime providing the highest service levels
  • Offload reports, backups and more to disaster recovery site, active / active sites supported
  • Transmit 7x less data and perform 27x fewer I/O operations compared to remote storage mirroring solutions

Solution Offerings

  • Oracle SuperCluster
  • Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Oracle GoldenGate
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster Enterprise and Geographic Edition
  • ZFS Storage Appliance Replication
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
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