Symantec Disaster Recovery

In today's world having an effective data backup and disaster recovery solution in place can be the difference between a business with a bright future and one that closes up shop. Symantec understands the needs of organizations of all sizes when it comes to disaster recovery and bare metal restore — and provides technology to ensure businesses continue to operate with minimal interruption.

Symantec Disaster Recovery Solutions address both physical and virtual environments ensuring critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected no matter what. This reduces the complexity of managing heterogeneous server and storage platforms, reduces the costs of building and managing the disaster recovery infrastructure, and provides a single console to recover from in the event of a disaster.

Choose the backup and disaster recovery product that works for you:

  • Application High Availability and Wide Area Recovery
  • Enterprise Backup With NetBackup
  • SMB Backup With Backup Exec

Key Differentiators

• Meet SLA requirements by recovering complex applications without a reboot in virtual and physical platforms • Protect and recover the complete business service running across virtual and physical platforms with minimal downtime • Reduce or eliminate downtime for planned maintenance

Our comprehensive disaster recovery management solutions are designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, hybrid systems, and to scale up and down based on your needs. They are designed to meet the full range of recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO/RPO) of your business.

Aspire STANDBY uses physical database replication to provide a cost-effective, reliable and proven DR solution for all Oracle and other databases, Aspire work on following types of data and platform for DR solution.

Application Continuity and Data Recovery

Aspire gives you backup and disaster recovery that works. Aspire's backup and disaster recovery solution offers granular recovery options, system snapshots, bare metal restores and full virtualization.

When a server crashes, a virus destroys files, or an outage leaves your office unavailable you can continue working by using Aspire’s local and cloud recovery functionality. “Backup” is about recovery, after all, which is why Aspire makes it simple to recover anything and everything in minutes and keep your employees productive at all times no matter what happens. Failover servers locally or in the cloud, or virtualize your entire IT environment with only a few clicks. Now you can say goodbye to application downtime with Aspire's backup and disaster recovery solution.

Physical and Virtual

Aspire protects physical and virtual environments with one backup and disaster recovery solution. Windows, Mac, Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, XenServer—pick a flavor. We protect it.

Aspire automatically identifies all devices connected to your network and suggests protection profiles for physical, virtual servers, as well as laptops and workstations. When it comes time to recover, restore data locally or from the cloud, light up a corrupted or failed application on Aspire, or restore an image to bare metal or a virtual environment. Protection has never been this easy with Aspire's backup and disaster recovery solution.

Protect files, folders, applications or entire systems

Protect not only your critical data, but also your applications and all systems in your IT environment with Aspire's backup and disaster recovery solution.


Meet your Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives with Aspire's backup and disaster recovery solution.

With patented Reverse Incremental backup and disaster recovery solution technology, you can be certain all your recovery points are full recovery points that can quickly be accessed, searched or restored from. Whether you need to restore an old version of a file, an object from a corrupted database, a failed application, an entire system image or even your whole office, Aspire does it in seconds or minutes. Aspire goes beyond backup and disaster recovery to give you RPO and RTO that exceeds your business goals.

Aspire also works with following vendor solution as per client requirements:

  • Oracle Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Symantec Disaster Recovery
  • EMC Solution
  • Zetta DataProtect
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