Consulting and Engineering Services

Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solutions focuses exclusively on providing all-inclusive solutions for the planning, design, engineering, development, and operation of data centers. We work with you to systematically plan, organize and control allocated resources to meet all cost, time and performance objectives for your data center project.

Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solutions has a history of finding our clients' cost savings by implementing operational and energy value-added efficiencies in any phase of your data center project, whether it be site selection in a Greenfield/new project, capacity upgrades to an existing facility, or maintenance and scheduling for preventative measures on critical systems. Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solutions evaluates all areas of a critical facility including the architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection and security systems.

We bring unique operational insight to our clients through our experience gained in providing services to more than three million square feet of critical space. Our services are rooted in best-in-class, in-depth analysis with strategic, economical paths to improved critical systems infrastructure and operations.

Our team operates with a complete client focus on high availability: listening to, responding to, and anticipating what your needs and business goals are and how to reach those goals in an efficient, economical approach while maintaining business continuity and maximum reliability. From the project kick-off, Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solutions is committed to ensuring that the business, financial and operational needs of the data center are achieved.

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