Infrastructure Design

Engineering redundancy, reliability and maintainability into facilities

Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solutions has focused exclusively on data centers since the company’s inception in 1998, becoming a leading provider of solutions for the planning, engineering, development and operations of mission critical facilities. At the design phase, our team engineers redundancy, reliability and maintainability into your mission-critical facilities. Our path from engineering to deployment of your critical facilities is seamless - with minimal delay, maximum uptime and significant cost savings for our organization. Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solutions implements the following to ensure our data center engineering strengthens your business resiliency:

  • Leverage equipment advances in power, cooling and control technologies
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities where energy efficiencies can be made
  • Right-size equipment for maximum effectiveness

Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solution’s experience in operating more than three million square feet of mission critical space gives us unique insight into the engineering, maintenance programs and facilities management of mission critical facilities. Aspire Tech Services & Solutions Services & Solution’s Design service encompasses several areas that prove to be critical in a well-developed data center strategy including:

  • Equipment Criteria and Specifications: identifies equipment that meets your requirements and also offers the most economical opportunity for scalability. We develop short-lists of equipment manufacturers/vendors and manage the long lead process.
  • Value Engineering: subject matter experts coordinate amongst the entire design team for schematic awareness throughout the design process to promote a rapid response environment that minimizes expensive change orders.
  • Reliability: ensures systems are designed to your Tier level and redundancy requirements for maximum availability.
  • Sustainability: implements sustainable design solutions developed by our LEED Accredited Professionals that minimize the use of non-renewable resources and environmental impact without compromising your data center’s reliability.
  • Future Generation Modeling: innovative design that supports your future generation deployments from container, modular or pre-fabricated components.

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