Managed It Services

A unified platform to manage end-to-end Network, Applications, Database, Server and Storage infrastructure with ITIL ready Service Desk.

IT leaders need a solution which can reliably manage organization's IT services, provide them regular updates, help cut IT 'run costs' and enable them to focus more on strategic IT change topics. Aspire next-generation integrated managed services offering ֠is designed to help IT leaders do exactly this ֠achieve IT resiliency, be cost-efficient and drive business alignment.

Aspire supports application, infrastructure and security IT operations of an organization. Focusing strongly on automation and standardization, Aspire is flexible and can be deployed through a combination of on-premise, onsite, offshore or on cloud models.

MSP partners can also white label these services to spread their brand awareness. Moreover, Aspire Tech can remotely monitor and manage:

  • Network infrastructur
  • Application and server infrastructure
  • Traffic and Bandwidth analysis
  • Database infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Enterprise Cyber Security
  • ITIL based help desk services with service catalog capability

Exemplifying strong innovation culture at Aspire has several unique built tools that enables significant automation and standardization of business processes. The focus is to minimize human intervention and maximize automation for high performance, high detection and rapid response solutions.

Deliver services efficiently with maximum scalability

Service providers can now accurately manage the SLAs and release new services faster with features like:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • High Availability
  • Enterprise level systems and Datacenter monitoring
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Customer and site-specific dashboards, SLA

Managed IT Services are known throughout the industry as IT Service Management (ITSM). Our team of experts have over 15 to 30 years of professional experience, ensuring that whatever the task is, it is completed properly and efficiently. Our managed IT services team is a professional services division that specializing in full service IT support and systems management for businesses. The managed IT services team is highly qualified specialists, in partnership with industry leaders, who strive to create the best solution packages for businesses.

The innovative capabilities built based on Aspire's past experiences include:

  • Detect early and resolve minor issues automatically.
  • Resolve issues with a customized one-click solution before the need to contact a service desk.
  • Monitor and identify bottleneck applications and even pin-point the unresponsive block of code.
  • Predict potential risks based on data generated by various IT systems.
  • Monitor Business Service Level Agreement compliance in near real-time and flag anomalies.

Aspire guides organizations through a time-tested operational path - geared towards delivering better efficiencies and reaching an optimized steady state. This is achieved through

  • Immediate cost reduction through ELIMINATION of redundancies and wastes.
  • AUTOMATION of IT processes.
  • Implementation of lean STANDARD operating procedures.
  • Continuous analysis and OPTIMIZATION.


Integrated and comprehensive services

An IT portfolio has the same complexity as a modern city. It needs coordinated, comprehensive and integrated services to keep running and adapting to changing business needs. Aspire takes care of all possible needs ֠from business process performance to application SLA to equipment availability to infrastructure on cloud.


Aspire has demonstrated savings of up to 40% by driving efficiencies in a risk-free manner. Aspire has perfected an innovative delivery framework which runs on the four core principles of:

  • Eliminate
  • Automate
  • Standardize
  • Optimize to create a virtuous cycle of continuous service optimization.

Flexible pricing models

Aspire provides flexible pricing models to suit any business context. This can include fixed fee, application based, ticket based, user based, instance based or element based models.

Business Visibility

By combining all components of infrastructure and applications in one correlated view, Aspire provides visibility on the business impact of an issue with any individual component that services the business process. This visibility is on near-run-time-data and hence improves the ability to take decisions dynamically.


Aspire makes an IT portfolio more responsive to the rapidly changing needs of business. Be it introduction of any new technology, sudden business realignments or mega transformation initiative, Aspire has enough flexibility built into it to be adaptive to IT changes.

On-Site Support

Aspire Tech realizes that not all complications a business may face can be resolved over the phone or through website help. While some IT companies utilize e-mail and Instant Message based solutions, these can be both time-consuming and tedious. Aspire Tech provides our clients with On-Site Support to ensure we provide timely and efficient solutions are provided. Time lost is money lost and here, at Aspire Tech, the continued success of our clients is what inspires us to do our best to serve your IT needs.

Remote Support

E-mail configuration issues, software installation complications, and antivirus and security upkeep are just some of the more common problems a business will face. Aspire Tech's managed IT services offer Remote Support to provide immediate, real-time solutions to these problems and more. Our technicians will be able to remotely view and adjust your e-mail configuration settings, oversee the successful installation of software, and monitor your antivirus and security settings to make sure your system is running its best. By utilizing Remote Support you can set your mind at ease with our managed IT services immediate results on the progress of your resolution.

Mobile and Cloud Services

Aspire Tech understands that a successful business must rely on the latest and greatest of technologies. More and more companies are working to provide mobile and cloud-based solutions to create a presence in the mobile market. Aspire Tech recognizes this trend and strives to remain informed on the latest technologies to provide its clients with the most beneficial and efficient Mobile and Cloud Services. Keeping your business mobile allows for greater coverage for marketing and spreading brand awareness while cloud-based services create a larger array of tools and benefits your business can utilize.

Small Business Networking

Communication is key in the business world and maintaining that communication, whether it's from computer to computer or site to site, is vital to the continued success for any business. Aspire Tech provides Small Business Networking solutions so you and your staff stay informed and have all the tools they need to succeed. By networking your business, the process of sharing information is no longer stressful but simplified and productivity increases.

System and Site Monitoring

The idea of a system or site going down is unsettling for any business. If the site is down then a service cannot be offered and if a service cannot be offered then the business loses money. Aspire Tech strives to keep your business successful and safe by providing System and Site Monitoring services. Put your mind at ease as our technicians run a variety of comprehensive remote tests and checks to ensure that your system and site are running smoothly.

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