HR Management Software

Our HR Management software adds on software leverages ATSS's unique mix of HR experience and SAP knowledge to develop an innovative software suite that not only speeds up the implementation of HR Management software but also enhances productivity.

ATSS HR Management Suite

The integration of personnel processes and HR management software infrastructure across decentralized locations and systems is critical. Essential benefits can be achieved when users consistently connect personnel administration with organization management functions. ATSS HR Management Suite simplifies remote access to HR management software tasks. Acting as a Web-based front end to SAP ERP HR Management Software, the suite supports businesses with easy access and role-specific screens tailored to the user's needs.

Product Benefits

Simplify remote access

Radically simplify remote real-time access for SAP users.

Simplified data management

Easily maintain personnel data through summarized menus. Hiring, organizational change, re-entry and termination tasks are easier to manage.

Speed to value

Reduce total cost of ownership and increase returns with rapid installation, low training costs and ongoing maintenance.

Benefit from a shared environment

Bring together diverse locations to benefit from a centralized HR system for greater efficiency.

Enhance workflow

Improve workflow and data quality on an easy-to-use user interface.

ATSS Time Entry Portal

ATSS Time Entry Portal helps Human Resources (HR) and IT departments customize their existing time reporting system so that users can copy or clone timesheets and managers can view all timesheets at a glance. The software enables organizations to improve the user experience as well as error handling and processes.

Product Benefits:

Reduce complexity

Whether handling errors, auditing or processing payroll queries, business-specific terminology provides accurate and timely results

Benefit from an enhanced user interface

Take advantage of an uncluttered graphical user interface that makes the time reporting process easy and seamless for end users.

Increase user acceptance

Use your own business specific terminology in your timesheet to simplify the error resolution process. Customize logic, screens and scenarios.

Reduce implementation effort

Allow real-time validation of time reporting data using existing configurations in a single SAP instance.

Enhance process flexibility

Significantly increase your options during the delegation process.

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