Mail/Parcels System

ATSS is the premier route planning software for postal organizations, as well as courier and express companies. The software offers a solution specifically designed in collaboration with large postal operations and boasts an enviable record for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and raising productivity, often in a context of major service changes. Organizations achieve cost savings of up to 5% for mail delivery and 15% for vehicle-based operations such as parcel delivery.

For mail delivery, ATSS evaluates the duration of each route accurately, fully respecting applicable work rules. The workforce benefits from better balanced routes and territories, in addition to objectivity in route duration evaluation. Route planners can reduce route revision times, as well as generate multiple “what-if” scenarios based on modified rules and parameters.

For parcel operations, courier, and express service, ATSS can plan optimized service territories based on historical data, and daily routes based on actual locations to service, taking into consideration constraints such as closing times for business customers and other servicing requirements.

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